Stühle,Stühle,Stühle…Was gibt’s Neues?

Stühle,Stühle,Stühle…Was gibt’s Neues?

Resident, external and international designers developed, to the Portuguese chair brand, 48 models filled of character and elegance, rooted on a pastel tones pallet , over a natural smooth beech and ash wood, with particular marron tones, which gives to this new collection, the sobriety of a brand that is increasingly imposing on the contract´s  interior design world, restaurants and geriatrics.

Fenabel predicts to launch the entire new collection in April of this year.

Highligh Collection_

Sebastian | Chairs for the world

This collection, design by area44 design Studio, in Italy, presents a sinuous and harmonious structure, focused on user´s comfort.

Developed in Beech wood, with natural colours and light pastel tones´ fabrics, and the high resiliency foam application so nothing fails on the comfort and security allied to the elegance of this line.



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